When we met in 2018, we started a conversation about our shared passion for building brands - this conversation has never ended. At that time, we were independently businesses with their branding goals and found that by combining our experiences and marketing scopes, we'd elevate and strengthen what we do for growing our clients' businesses.​


We believe that exceptional brands connect with the human spirit by:

  • Communicating meaningful messages.

  • Providing intimate shopping experiences.

  • Offering personalized products.


Through our 50 years of combined marketing experience and owning businesses - we learned that powerful marketing is achieved by activating the five human senses: what we see, smell, hear, touch, and taste. ​As consumers, we form our perceptions about brands at first sight. This is why the cornerstone of our business, products, and services focus on compelling and moving customers through what is seen. We focus on creating memorable first impressions by delivering unique visual experiences.

Our mission is to develop custom-tailored visual branding solutions that position your business to be recognized, remembered and differentiated from competitors. We specialize in building brand loyalty, earning customers' trust and capturing your brand's spirit. 

Whether you are starting a new business, launching products or have an established business that needs to reach new customers in dynamic ways, we are here to work with you and make it happen.




  1. "T" in Todd

  2. &

  3. "A" in Adela



Master of Business Administration, 2016

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, 1997


  • Sales Strategy

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Marketing Research

  • Traditional & Digital Advertising

  • Interior Design & Merchandising

  • Lean Manufacturing & TQM



Bachelor of Arts in Communications, 1998


  • Design

  • Product Concept, Design & Development

  • Manufacturing & Productions

  • Interior Design & Merchandising

  • Product Sourcing

  • Event Marketing